Text to pictures from Ghana
Bjarne Fjeldsenden,  Dept of Psychology, NTNU, NORWAY

Ashante chief in Ghana. Ashante is the biggest etnic group in Ghana

Me, Bjarne, at the market in Kumasi, the next biggest town in Ghana, which also has the technological university

At the bus station in Bolgatanga, the  provincial capital in the north eastern province.

Chiefs meets. They have a rather strong informal, but traditional power

Outside Department of Psychology, University of Ghana at Legon, Accra

Downtown Accra in Ghana

Dressed up for a sermony

The beach in Elmira 20 km west of Cape Coast and about 200 km west from Accra.
Many slaves were sent from this town

Colorful fishing boats in Elmira

More fishing boats in Elmira harbour

A view of the whole fort at Elmira. The fort was one of the major prisons befor the slaves were sent to
America. Only one third of those arriving at the fort for shipment survived. At first criminals were sent
as salves but this later changed.

Me at the top of the fort

The yard of the salve fort

Fishermen in Ghana

Balme library at the University of Ghana

My daugher Ingrid at the market in Kumasi

Young people at a soccer field at the end station for the boat running on Lake Volta

Selling things to people in car and buses stuck in trafic

An overview of the University of Ghana