Bjarne Fjeldsenden

Blind kognisjon  Blind Mobility  Foredrag i Danmark 25.04.2000
Blindness and cognitive structure  A study of 108 visually impaired including 27 congenitaly blind
Blindes evnestruktur  En detaljert studie av 108 synshemmede hvorav 27 blindfødte
Blindhet, persepsjon og evnestruktur  Et kompendium med teoretiske betraktninger. Fem kapitler.
Blind mobility and flying IFR  Comparison of blind mobility and flying on instruments in the clouds
Translation of Visual Information Into Auditory Codes   Research Bulletin, 28, 19-56.

Artifical vision for the Blind  Brain implants. Use for more references
The Bat "K" Sonar Cane  By Professor Leslie Kay, a pioner in this field.
Electronic Travel Aids for the Blind   An overview of ETAs available. Updted March 24. 2000
Enabling Technologies   A diversified site covering several areas related to dysfunctions.
Seeing with your Ears   An interesting and advanced  site by Peter B.L. Meijer
WebRing  Can lead you in many directions. Can be useful if you want to reach spesific groups

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