Curriculum Vitae Aug. 08. 2004

Mail :Fjellveien 3, 3960 Stathelle, NORWAY. Phone: (+47) 35960630
E-mail address; Address: Fjellveien 3, 3960 Stathelle. Phone ; (+47) 22101831

I am a highly individualistic, anti authoritarian and curious person who likes to do
things my way. It has its advantages in disadvantages. But I am also a person with
an international outlook and wide interest in what is going on in the world.

Info April 06.2001.
I retired from NTNU Oct. 01.2000 at the age of 65 and moved to Oslo.
I may be interested in giving short courses or be a consultant in particular areas of
psychology like cross-cultural psychology, participate in research projects related to
developmental issues, environmental questions, aviation and use of Internet technology
where I can apply my special knowledge.

  Articles from journies  2001 to 2004

Jan. 21.2001 - March 28. 2001: South America. Most of the time
was spent in Brazil, but I also visited Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay.

April 10.2002
: Visited Vietnam, Cambodia  and Thailand from Jan. 18 to March 28. 2002.

Lectured in cultural psychology 9-10 of April in Trondheim. Will try to edit this page from
Oslo. Wish to keep contact, as "a senior" with Dept. of Psychology, NTNU.

November 2002: 50 days in
China . Travelled from Beijing to Zhangzhou, Xian, Chongquin,

Wuhan, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Guilin, Yangzhou, Nanning, Kunming, Chengdu,
etc.. Wrote a letter/rapport. China is moving towards capitalism. A growth rate of 8% pr. year
in GNP.

Cuba: From Jan. 30-March 19.2003
. Cuba is a "museum of communism". Friendly people, a

non-violent society, good health care, but a controlled society with a hopeless economic system. 

I have been travelling in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia Oct-Dec. 2003. Article here
Seven countries in South-America from Jan. 25 to March 24.2004.

My background

 1935-56. Growing up in Norway .
I grew up in Stathelle, a village 160 km southwest of Oslo in Norway.  After senior high school I
worked as a truck driver for some months before being conscripted to do compulsory military service
for 16 months. I didn't like to follow orders, but the military service somehow made me think and react.
I got interested both in people, society and politics because I reacted against a system that trained
people to comply, and it contributed to that I ended up studying psychology.

1956-61. Student in Oslo, Norway.
We were four new students starting studying psychology in Aug. 1956.  I graduated in the spring of
1961 after two days of written exams, each day 12 hours, and finally an oral examination. It was not
a very  good  system because everything depended on this exam. This is actually the only formal
education I have in psychology.
     I made my living as a bus- and taxi driver in this period so I finished with no debt.

1961-66.  Doing different things in different places.
    I graduated in 1961, driving taxi for a couple of months before embarking on a tour of South
America, where I visited most Latin American countries before returning via New York 11 months later.
    I drove taxi for a year, then worked as an occupational psychologist for two years before starting out
for Australia in 1966 together with my newly married wife Turid via Sweden, Finland, Soviet, Iran,
Pakistan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. When we disembarked in Sydney we
had 40 dollars left and did not know a soul in our new country but after five days I had my first job
doing some statistical work for a journal and after some weeks there got job as a tutor at the University
of Sydney where I stayed until I left in 1972.

1966-72. Sydney, Australia. Tutor and Teaching Fellow
We had a great time in Australia.  Australians met us  with an open mind and friendly attitudes.
Our first daughter Siri was born there in 1971.
    I wrote a Ph.D. thesis there called Translation of Visual Information into an Auditory Code. After
coming back to Norway I got a letter saying that one was for and two against recognizing my thesis. I
didn't find it worth the money to go back to finish it by doing more work but I learnt a lot from doing it
and got 35-40 pages of it published in Research Bulletin in 1974.  I think it was an interesting piece of
work I did.  It had its weak points with relatively loose links between theory and the empirical data, but
a rather original piece of work based on my own design and thinking.
    My pregnant wife and daughter went back on a plane and I hitch-hiked up to Darwin, took a plane
over to Timor near the capital Dili.  This eastern part was then owned by  Portugal.  On the way over
to the Indonesian part I had to walk 100 km through the jungle but could follow a good track and
stayed overnight in villages.
    I traveled Indonesia from east to west right up to Medan in Sumatra by boat, train and bus.

 1972-76. Psychologist in a school for the blind in Oslo, Norway.
Back in Norway I had got a job at a school for the blind, Huseby, in Oslo, where I worked from
1972 to 1976. I also taught at The College for Special Education in this period and wrote a
compendium called Persepsjon, kognisjon og blindhet (in Norwegian) . Data and results from
1972-76 can be found under Cognition and Blindness.

1976-1980 Oslo, Norway.  Taxi driver, teacher and research scientist.
Then the urge came over me to travel, which led me to 14 African countries over a period of four
months. Coming back I worked as a taxi driver and teacher for about a year before I got job as a
research scientist at a food research institute making sensory tests to evaluate vegetables. I stayed
there to the end of 1980 when I returned to my native village as a school psychologist in charge in a
municipality of 14.000 people.

1981-91 Stathelle, Norway. School psychologist in charge.  Flying.
    This job made me "a jack of all trades". You had to trust your own judgment, and it gave me
insight into a lot of psychological problems and functions in a municipality of 14.000 people. I was
also project leader for Psykologi grunnfag (one year university course in psychology) for
Folkeuniversitetet ("Open University") from 1987 to 1993.
    Stathelle was a good place for my two daughters to grow up I reckon. I also got my PPL (Private
Pilots License) in 1982 and have kept it up until now. I have visited 10 European countries and
Morocco as a pilot flying C-172 and C-182.
    By the end of 1991 both my daughters had finished senior high school, I quit the job and we took
a round the world trip via Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and US. I left the girls behind
in Australia and they returned a couple of months later. They have later traveled the world on their
own and got their university degrees in 1998. The oldest one, Siri, has started in a job as a physicist
and the younger one Ingrid, with a degree in economics, is doing further studies in Japan.

1992-2000. Dept. of Psychology, NTNU, Trondheim, Norway:  Associate professor.
    I somewhat unexpected got a position as an associate professor in cognitive psychology at
The Department of Psychology up in Trondheim,  500 km north of Oslo, in August 1992.
    From Aug. 1997 to July 1998 I had my sabbatical and spent four months in Ghana at
The University of Ghana in Accra.  Data and results from this period can be found under
Culture, Child rearing and Cognition .
    The period March-May 1998 I spent in Southeast Asia, mostly Indonesia where I visited
several universities.

Oct. 2000-Future plans. Implemented
I will retire in Oct. 2000 and move to Oslo. My address will be; Tokerudberget 8, 0986 Oslo, NORWAY
Phone: +47 22 10 18 31.
I will also spend time at Stathelle, especially in summer. Address: Fjellveien 3, 3960 Stathelle, NORWAY.
Phone: +47 35 96 06 30.
I intend to travel a lot. China is one of the countries I will try to visit. Indonesia is another country I have
visited four times and intend to return to. The language is fairly easy to learn and the country has a lot to
offer both with respect to culture and nature.
In 1962 I experienced the carnival in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. I would like to see that again.
If anybody should be interested in a course in cross-cultural psychology anywhere in the world I
will be interested to give it or work with groups interested in developmental issues on a broad
bases, i. e. economics, ecology, education etc..

As you may understand I am not a typical academic. My lack of ambition and goal directed behavior

combined with curiosity have given me a rich and interesting life. I have learnt a lot about many things
but I can not be consider a success as an academic. I am not a "one track person"

I am widely interested in what is going on in the world and consider Internet a good tool for communication
and information. But it has to be considered complementary to travel and direct experience of other cultures.

I am still curious and hope to make new experiences and gain further knowledge.

Professional skills:
Testing and assessment: Experience with a very broad range of people, also blind ones.

From 1963 to 1965 , as an occupational psychologist at Arbeidspsykologisk kontor in Fredrikstad,
the head of the office and I tested all the applicants, many hundreds, for  the vocational school
and followed it up by correlating the test scores with their marks. I also gave vocational guidance in
this period.

When in Sydney, from 1966-72, several test like Wings Test of Musical Intelligence and various ability
tests like Ravens Progressive Matrices were used in connection with research.
From 1972-76, when at Huseby School for the Blind, I used Owaki-Koh Intelligence for the Blind
together with WAIS, verbal part, and Wings Test of Musical Intelligence. In addition I developed some
methods to assess how well a congenitally blind understood the physical world. I may be considered as
one of very few people with expert knowledge in assessing congenitally blind people.

From 1978 to 1981 when working at NINF, a food research institute, as research scientist, I worked
on a project developing sensory tests for vegetables.

As a school psychologist in charge from 1981 to 1991 I made all sort of assessments, also neurological
ones based on various test and with Lurias work as a theoretical framework.   Tests used were
K-ABC, WISC-R,  ITPA, CPM, Frostig and Reynell  among others.

From 1992-2000:  Dept. of Psychology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Teaching, participation in various conferences, talks, articles etc.. For details click here
In 1997-98 I did some testing with Ravens Progressive Matrices  and Digit Span in Ghana. Digit Span
was presented both in english and two local languages which gave different results.

TeachingHave taught most topics within psychology.

Focus of research and professional interest:
1: Factors influencing cognitive structure by looking at it both from a cross-cultural point of
view and how blindness affects cognition.
2:  Man-machine problems both in relation to blind mobility, aviation and models in relation to
control of complex systems.
Key concepts:
Mental models, situational awareness, to be in the loop, blind mobility.

Flying: 600 hours. Mostly on C-172.  About 40 hours on C-182.  At night:  About 40 hours.

Knowledge of languages:
Norwegian: My mother tongue.
English: Fluent in speaking, reading and  almost in writing. Started learning it 12 years old.
Danish: Written is almost the same as Norwegian but some Danes are hard to understand.
Swedish: Easily understood but some words are different from Norwegian.
German: Can speak and understand it reasonably well but poor as far as grammar goes.
French: Can read it better than speak and write. Improves when in french speaking countries.
Spanish: Can speak, write and understand to some extent but vocabulary restricted.
Portuguese: Spoke it to some extent after three months in Brazil in 1962.
Indonesian: Know enough important words for practical matters and simple conversation.

Knowledge of countries:
I have been to 80 countries in 5 continents. I know Europe specially well together with Australia
where I lived for six years. Ghana and Indonesia are two other countries I know well. In
November 1999 I visited Japan and South Korea. From Jan. 2001 to March 2001 I visited
South America again after 39 years. I traveled most of South America in 1962. Cambodia,
Vietnam, China and Cuba are among countries visited from 2002-2003.

Activities I enjoy:
Flying: PPL since 1982. Have visited 11 European countries, Gibraltar and Morocco.
Traveling: 80 countries in 5 continents. Several times as "back-packer"
Outdoor activities: Like to move around in nature.

Future plans:
I will travel the world, write, play the stock market and may offer to teach and/or  do consultancy
work in selected areas of psychology like testing, evaluation and cross-cultural psychology. My
health is excellent and I still have a valid pilots license.
I also got a granddaughter Oct. 2001 who I will give my attention

In Feb. 2002, my wife Turid and I, bought an old tourist lodge and restored it last summer. It can
accommodate up to 16 people. It is situated 770 meters above sea level in Røros municipality 160 km
from Trondheim and 420 km from Oslo by road. For more information and pictures, click here.

Why does a Norwegian write in English?
Because then I can communicate with more people and most norwegians read English without difficulty.

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Food for thought
"We are in the middle of a race between human skill as to means, and human
folly as to ends - unless men increase in wisdom as much as in knowledge,
increase of knowledge will be increase of sorrow"
Bertrand Russell

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